Cathy Doll Hair Line Cushion

Sale price KD5.000


Concealing large forehead and chang your facial shape with the hairline cushion for people with big forehead, thin hair or having other flaws on the scalp. Fix these flaws effortlessly with the texture that is easy to blend, pigmented, long wearing and non-staining. It stays put throught the day while adding dimension naturally and helps shape your facial shape when applied on the hairline. This item does not cause irritation and is on-the-go with 2 colors available for you to choose.

How To Use

Open the cap and apply hairline cushion to enhance thickness to your hair and adjust your face shape as desire.
1. Enhance the thickness of your hair by using the sponge to press onto the areas with thin hair or other flaws on scalp.
2. Slim down your facial shape by pressing the cushion on the hairline.

Color: Dark Brown

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