Cathy Doll Blackhead Cleansing Black Clay Mask - 45g

Sale price KD5.000

Eliminate unpleasant blackhead with the new formula of Black Charcoal Clay Mask from Cathy Doll that removes impurities on the face and in pores, preventing acne breakouts and comedogenic with the combination of natural ingredients such as Bay leaf that soothes acne while controlling excess sebum with Licorice Root. It also aims to cleanse the skin as well as relieving it for healthy-looking result with Marigold benefit while Peach leaf helps in minimizing pores to prevent comedone and delivers naturally smooth and brightening look, making it suitable for all skin types. 

How To Use 

Twist the cap and squeeze an appropriate amount of the clay. Then, apply it all over the face, leaving out eye and lip areas. Wait until completely dried and start peeling off from the bottom in reverse direction of hair growth. After peeling off, rinse with cold water to tighten the pores. If peeling off causes severe pain, remove the clay with warm water and rinse with cold water again.

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