Cathy Doll Anti Acne Clear Gel - 15ml

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Dealing with all acne problems With an urgent formula acne gel from Cathy Doll. For acne with a head or points on the acne area. Feel the acne collapse faster or smaller in 24 hours by combining the most concentrated extract with salicylic acid, the highest concentration of 2%, helping to reduce the cause of acne caused by bacteria and excess sebum. Both chamomile extract (Chamomile Extract M.S.) with a concentration of 2% helps to soothe irritated skin and redness from acne, combined with Fruit Acid to help dry and peel the acne area. Improve acne breakouts and Tea Tree Oil, an herbal extract that has medicinal effects. It helps to take care of acne problems and reduce the chance of acne very well. It also contains Zinc PCA to help control. Reduce excess oil on the face Which is one of the causes of acne, giving you confidence to clear all acne problems Free of fragrance, color, parabens, mineral oil and alcohol.

How to use

For areas that need urgent care, points 1-3 times a day or as often as needed. For better results, use with Cathy Doll Post Acne Spot Gel to prevent the chance of acne scars.

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